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Frequently Asked Questions

Central Minnesota Health Network (CMHN) was developed to support the goal of improving the health of the community within the areas served by CMHN's member health systems.

Working with and led by physicians, CMHN will improve the quality of care, reduce costs and improve patient experience.

Review the questions below to learn more about the Central Minnesota Health Network and its mission.

For Compliance Inquiries
ACO Compliance Officer: Lois Schmitt
Phone Number: (320) 255-6525

What Is CMHN and What Is It's Mission?

What is the Central Minnesota Health Network?

Why has Central Minnesota Health Network formed?

CMHN was developed to help the founding health care systems respond to the demands of the health care reform. By creating an organization that focuses its resources on physicians and patients, CMHN can improve the quality of care, lower the cost and allow our providers to be able to handle the changes that will come in the health care industry.

Why develop this clinically integrated network now?

Why disrupt a business model that is working for us now? It may be working currently, but local employers and other payers are seeking a solution to their rising health care costs. If we are not a willing participant, they will find someone who will be.

Why do we need CMHN?

How is CMHN working to make a difference?

How is CMHN working to help patients today?

How does this new model, the CMHN, help patients like Danny?

How will the CMHN Analytics Platform use data and how might have that helped a patient like Danny?

What is the difference between a CIN and a ACO?

There is a CMHN structure, mandated and functional. Describe the CMHN structure.

Will the CMHN cause group think?

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The Triple Aim

What is the Triple Aim?

What is the Triple Aim in short?

How is the CMHN different than the HMOs of the late 80s and early 90s?

What Is the CMHN's concept of value?

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Participating in CMHN

Who can participate in Central Minnesota Health Network?

Any physician employed by the founding health care organizations is automatically included in CMHN. Independent physicians in good standing on the medical staff are encouraged to apply for membership and will be asked to sign a Participating Provider Agreement (PPA). In addition, ancillary, post-acute and other allied providers will be participants in CMHN to ensure the full continuum of care is available for CMHN beneficiaries.

Are there any conditions that would prevent a physician from joining CMHN?

CMHN will not be able to include any physicians who hold a majority ownership or governance positions in competing physician networks.

How is a Clinically Integrated Network Model different than Managed Care Initiatives of the past?

HMOs of the 1990s were more restrictive than modern models and produced cost efficiencies by denying care to patients. Innovative models such as a clinically integrated network provide cost-effective and quality care by addressing system inefficiencies and supporting collaboration. As a result, the right care is provided in the right setting, by the right provider, at the right time.

Who runs CMHN - will there be an opportunity for physician leadership?

The key to success for CMHN is physician leadership. The network is governed jointly by physicians and the hospital; physicians will lead the formation of many components of the program including clinical protocols, metrics and other care components. Financial distribution of shared savings will be jointly determined by the governing group.

How do physicians get paid?

Physicians continue to bill and collect from insurance companies under group contract rates and terms. CMHN incentives are paid to the entity, then distributed per program measures, weighting and physician performance. The specifics of these payment mechanisms are determined by the Governing Board of CMHN, which is led by physicians.

What motivated Dr. Cragle to join the CMHN and why would other physicians and organizations join?

What is the criteria to join the CMHN?

What form do all physicians in the network need to sign?

What are the roles of the physicians in the network?

Who do we contact for more information?

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Data Collection and How It Is Used

What about the data that's collected on physicians?

Is this cookbook medicine?

How does CMHN interplay with all players?

We need data to make this work, so how do we get that data?

What are some of the things that are measured?

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